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General Use by Members
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Equipment Requested

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If other rental equipment is needed, you will be responsible for reserving, delivering, returning, and paying the cost of using it.

Deliveries must be coordinated with the church office.  Redeemer’s audio/video system and special lighting can only be run by its approved technicians.

RECURRING or MULTIPLE USE ACTIVITY (Bible studies, Boys/Girls Clubs, etc.)

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See the Fee Schedule in the Facilities Use Guidelines.  There is no charge for the use of any facilities for a Session-approved Redeemer program or ministry.  Redeemer programs and ministries (or their budgets) are responsible for the direct costs of food, special decorations, special order items, and the like.


w  Set-up and clean-up of the rooms and areas you use.

w  Returning tables, chairs, and equipment to their original configuration unless otherwise directed.

w  Nursery staffing, use, and clean up (if used).

w  Providing your own table service products (e.g. coffee, tea, cream/sugar, plates, cups, forks, etc.).

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GENERAL RULES:  (See the Facilities Use Guidelines for additional requirements and limitations)

w  Use of candles must comply with fire regulations and is permitted only in the sanctuary and fellowship hall.  Pillar and votive candles must be enclosed in stationary glass globes and tapers must be dripless.

w  Decorations may not mar, scratch, soil, or otherwise damage surfaces or fixtures.  All decorations must be removed following the event unless otherwise approved.

w  Signs or posters are limited to bulletin board areas or on easels and must be removed during clean-up.

w  Staples, tacks and nails must not be used on any wood or painted surfaces.

w  All food brought in must be removed immediately following the event, including items in the refrigerator or freezer.  No red beverages such as Kool-Aid, grape juice, or punch are allowed.

w  Saturday functions should conclude by 6:00 pm to allow adequate time for cleanup and set-up for Sunday worship services.

w  Sunday functions must not interfere with scheduled services and Redeemer-sponsored events.


(616) 682-0800


I have received, read, and understand the Redeemer Presbyterian Church Facilities Use Policy.  I agree to be bound by its requirements.  If this event or use is not church-sponsored, as indicated above, I agree to pay for any damages caused to the facilities by any participant, guest, or third-party service provider.


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